Hello again, World

You know what? I don’t fucking care what you think, or what you feel. I don’t care if you don’t understand English. I assume most of the readers I would get (mostly from Facebook) are already old enough to have received a proper education in the foreign language, so it is not my problem if you didn’t pay attention during English class or spent it munching on dick slices. I’m going to write in English because, well I fucking like it. Oh and yeah I swear a lot.

While I surely love my fluency in my native language, and its rich vocabulary and vast variety of meanings for the word fuck; English, as we’ve been always taught, opens paths internationally. It is quite ironic since Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, after Chinese obviously, and just above English by 40 million speakers. But while most Spanish speakers are in Latin America, I see English as a more universal language, it is spoken and taught in more countries internationally, so there is a higher chance of finding someone who speaks it in a randomly selected country, than Spanish, or even Chinese.

So, with that out of the way, I may proceed with the next issue. I was just reading a friend’s blog, and it reminded me of my old days of blogging, when I was just a wee teenager, writing about whatever excitement I had each day for the whole world to read. Over time, social networking distracted people from blogs and provided them with all the information they wanted them to need. Nobody wanted to read an entire post about someone’s day; in today’s rushed life style everything longer than 140 characters isn’t worth one’s time reading. Suddenly when I tried to get back to blogging my life wasn’t interesting enough even to myself to write something about it. But it obviously wasn’t like that, it was just the corrupted perception of it imposed on me by the hype of social media and rushed entertainment. Tweets and Facebook status updates are like the one night stands of blogging.

So with that in mind, I shall start posting whatever nonsense I face in my daily life, whatever is in my wicked and ill mind, or a picture of an oddly shaped dog turd I find on my way home, when I find one. And what nonsense has life had for me in these past two days since my last post? Well, about that (which you may only know if you speak Spanish -sorry about it, by the way– so I’m just going to summarize it to: I tried to get an Internet service for my house, but the ISP staff didn’t fill in the contract correctly which resulted in me having to go back to their facilities many times to try and solve it. In the end I cancelled it and cursed their name for all eternity), I actually went and rented the service again. The very same day I wrote all that terrible stuff about them. But I visited another branch office, where I was treated correctly and everything was done as it should have been done in the first place. So now I’m expecting them to install it next week, but I’ll keep you updated.

Other than that, everything has been quite relaxed. I have been practicing bass, since I don’t see the day when the band is going to rehearse together again. By the way, we may be playing live this month, and again in April; more on that later. I’ve been trying to learn Chill Penguin’s Theme from Mega Man X, and oh boy, for being the easiest stage in the game, that theme sure isn’t. I’m still not quite good at tapping, but I keep working on that. I’d say it’s coming together pretty well, and I hope to get it completely by next week, if I can find a while daily to practice. Home responsibilities keep me busy when I get there, with all the cooking and cleaning and sleeping, I just wish I can find some more time for my hobbies. I haven’t even played any Pokémon Moon lately and the next online competition is coming soon and I don’t even have a competitive team ready. Well I guess I better get to grinding those EVs and IVs and EXPs all weekend.

Well, I guess I’ll just stop by now, I should be working. I’ll leave you with everyone’s favorite theme from my band Behold ExistenceColors!


5 thoughts on “Hello again, World

    1. Not as much as I love and enjoy playing it. Specially on a quiet Sunday night, while my neighbors are hungover and trying to sleep because they have to go to work the next day.

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