The Dungeon’s New Address

Good morning, you filthy pieces of human shaped dog turds! It’s finally Friday, thanks to the godly figure in turn in your current religion. And not that I have any crazy or gut-jiggling plans for today, but just the fact that I don’t have to work tomorrow is hyping enough.

Anyway, I just have a quick update on some stuff. As part of the whole revolutionary act of reinventing my blog, yesterday I finally got to buy a domain name for it, as I had wanted for so long. Although, things didn’t work quite as I planned. See, my first plan was to map said domain name to this site, so I didn’t have to migrate anything anywhere else in the vast sea of digital information; but it turns out I need a premium WordPress account for that, aaaaaaaaand I’m not paying for that, because! I had a backup plan. See what I did there? No? Oh yeah, let me explain first. So my second option was to use my business site’s server (I’ll explain that later, I swear), install WordPress there and import a backup (see it now?) of this blog, then map the domain name to that specific folder on my server. But it seems I can’t point a domain name to a folder, and that sucks. So I’m kind of screwed there.

But fear not, my fellow blog people! For I, the almighty Sköm have found the most useless solution –but still a solution, for that matter-. All I could do at the moment is set the domain name to redirect to this very site. Yup, that’s all it does by now. It doesn’t even stay in the address bar, but at least every time you type in your browser’s address bar and press Enter, you will get to, well, Sköm’s Dungeon! Am I not a genius? Anyway I will rent another server for the blog maybe next month so I can have it the way I wanted all the time and have a fresh start somewhat.

Well there’s that. Oh and check out my Instagram page to see my progress on that theme I was working on. Gotta go now because I should be working and my gorditas are waiting.


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