About Sköm

Welcome to Sköm’s DungeonSköm‘s blog, that’s me. An old-school gamer who also plays some newer games. I post about my daily shenanigans and stuff, gaming, music, and all that geeky goodliness. I post photos of my ugly face and food I cook or buy. I turn coffee into code and bad words. So, hello!


E-mai: sickbastard612@hotmail.com

 Gamertag: skom612

logo_psn PSNID: skom612

nintendo_wii_u2-1 Nintendo Network ID: skom612

 Friend Code: Sköm 3093-7445-8620

 Sköm’s Dungeon – /SkomsDungeon



Online Gaming

I sometimes play online on these games. So if you want a match, just add me and let me know!

 Pokémon X

 Pokémon Y

 Pokémon Omega Ruby

 Pokémon Moon

 Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

nintendo_wii_u2-1 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

nintendo_wii_u2-1 Super Mario Maker

nintendo_wii_u2-1 Pokken Tournament



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